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Your roof is subject to some of the harshest environmental elements, and so wear and tear is to be expected. TP Roofing provides roof repairs and maintenance that can help extend the value of your existing roof.

These include:

  • Replacement of broken or missing tiles or ridge caps

  • Sealing pest and possum entry points

  • Installation of roof ventilation or leaf screen

  • Cleaning of gutters and down pipes

  • Sourcing and repairing roof leaks

  • Repairing storm damaged roofs – tile, metal, slate, polycarbonate and shingle

  • Replacement of valleys, gutters and downpipes

  • Re-bedding and pointing of ridge caps and gable tiles

  • Installation of a range of flashings; 20kg lead, lead free and custom made Colorbond flashings

Roof repairs and maintenance

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