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TP Roofing partners with leading industry suppliers to provide only premium roofing products for all your roofing needs. Our expert roofing advice will assist you in deciding what materials will best suit your needs.

As a CSR Roofing Specialist we receive competitive prices on Monier™ concrete and terracotta tiles. Both products offer good thermal and sound insulation and are resistant to extreme weather conditions. With a 50 year performance guarantee, these tiles are strong, durable and guaranteed to remain structurally sound.

Concrete tiles are strong and durable and provide a more affordable solution, and are offered in a vast array of colours and profiles to suit any architectural style.

Terracotta roof tiles are fade-resistant and do not rust, warp or corrode, providing you with long-lasting features that will add value to your property.

For more information on Monier tiles see www.csrroofing.com.au


We use Colorbond® steel for installation of metal roofs, valleys and gutters. Strong and secure, and with a range of colours Colorbond offers long life performance. For more information and to choose from a range of available colours go to www.colorbond.com.au


Flexi point
TP Roofing uses 4x1 cement mix and applies flexi point system to secure down all our ridge caps. This is the preferred method in the roofing industry as flexi point is very strong and flexible enabling it to endure cyclonic conditions. Colours are varied and are specifically chosen to complement your existing roof.

Roof flashings are used to prevent or fix leaks at walls, barges, gables, chimneys, skylights and where any two roofing surfaces meet, we use the best solution for your needs, including custom made Colorbond flashing, 20kg lead flashing or lead free flashing.  We replace your rusted metal roofs, gutters, valleys and down pipes with Colorbond® steel, selecting the colour most appropriate for your property.

We install heavy duty sarking on all new roofs and re-roofs. This reduces dampness in the roof cavity, provides a barrier against both dust and moisture, and also offers additional thermal insulation and protection from wild weather. Sarking is also provides a fire retardant barrier in bush fire areas as it prevents embers entering the roof.

Leaf screens
For leaf screens on gutters and valleys we use GutterScreen™, the leader in gutter and valley protection. GutterScreen offers a 10 warranty on its polyethylene plastic which is available in a wide range of colours to match in with your roof. They also offer a 15 year warranty on aluminium and stainless Steel GutterScreen products.



Best suited to Sydney’s weather conditions, TP Roofing’s uses CSR Edmonds Windmaster for residential whirlybird installations. They come in a variety of colours, and offer a lifetime warranty for the body of the ventilator, and a 10 year warranty for the bearings. 

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